PREMIERE: Knives At Noon seek modern answers to the world’s oldest questions with Little Vicious

The challenging, striking and provocative new film clip from New Zealand trio Knives At Noon will leave you with several questions. Instead of tying narratives up in a bow and making complete sense, their latest video Little Vicious adventures down an eccentric and contemporary path.

Produced by Matt Wilson, brother of the band’s keyboard player Oli, the four minute clip doesn’t pretend to have all the answers. It inquires into the past, our fears, what we consider to be the truth and humanity.

Flipping quickly from frame to frame, the video tells its story through vintage film snippets and confronting, avant-garde visual imagery.

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What should we really be frightened of? Knives At Noon are more confronting than ever in their unconventional new clip Little Vicious.

The direct correlation between the song and the video’s individual messages make it all the more powerful and thought-provoking. As lyrics like “I saw you more when I was living in an airport” detail our modern, tech-obsessed existence, the video reminds us of a different period with nostalgic snapshots of a war-struck world.

The song’s arrangement and instrumental itself captures the soul of futurism. With spacious, beaming synths and a wild fusion of intergalactic sounds, it manages to express its message clearly in a variety of mediums, both visual and auditory.

You can barely notice the band’s hiatus and loss of a member. They sound like their break was comprised of them handily working on their craft together, rather than pursuing other projects.

Little Vicious is a confident, conceptual and promising return, one you should certainly wrap your ears around if you’re a fan of Birds Of Tokyo or City Calm Down.

It also marks the first of three tracks in a series of songs produced by Tom Healy (Tiny Ruins / Ha The Unclear), so watch this space for more news from Knives At Noon.