PREMIERE: Listen to Convoluted, the funky new single from Aussie groove-makers Bread Club

Convoluted is the fresh new dirty funk number from Aussie groovers Bread Club. This one will have you dancing long into the summer, guaranteed.

A groovy bass line, smooth guitar, trumpet, and funky electronics create a bright, summery vibe amid lyrics of feeling unsure about whether or not someone likes you, something that just leaves you feeling “so darn confused!”

Bread Club may be feeling all convoluted, yet their new song is anything but. Smooth guitars, a funky bass line and tasteful trumpet will have you dancing the long, hot summer night away.

Being clueless about an argument is hardly a wonderful feeling, but Bread Club have made it sound absolutely peachy. By the time that trumpet kicks into the mix, you’ll have forgotten what you were even angry about.

Convoluted follows from the similarly sexy grooves of previous single T-Rex, and its equally meme-quality lyrics about pterodactyls, Jeff Goldblum and Chris Pratt.

If you haven’t listened to Bread Club already, let T-Rex be your introduction – that chorus is so infectiously satisfying that you can’t not feel like a boss-ass dinosaur in a movie strutting your stuff around in the streets, destroying everything in your wake but really just hiding your sensitive side.

And when you’re done with that, spin Convoluted again.



Be sure to check out Bread Club this Saturday at the Botany View Hotel, with support from Otis Thomas and Caramel Lies – view the event here.