PREMIERE: Lola Scott’s video for ‘Loveless’ is a gem of undead theatre

Lola Scott has just launched the video clip for her single Loveless, featuring some incredible choreography set in a brilliantly ghoulish abandoned asylum.

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If there’s anything Lola Scott has to say for herself with this new video, it’s that she is a master of all trades of expression. Loveless builds on the passion and tormented energy of her past singles.

The video is set in what appears to be an abandoned and deteriorating hospital or psych ward, which instantly gives off an enticingly eerie effect. In a dark and dusty room, we find a lonesome Lola sitting on a chair, foreshadowing the beginning of a sonic breakout into the track’s hard-hitting electronic-pop rhythm. With immediacy and promise, Scott takes us into an equally desolate room, filled with the still, blank faces of an army of ghouls who remain blank to the desperate cries for attention, eminent of Scott’s soaring vocals.

Finally, the cleverly administered suspense breaks into a wild set of sequenced choreography, brilliantly contoured to make the most of the narrow hallway space. Here we see Lola Scott blast out the passions of her frustrated love affair while joining in for sections of dance to elevate the impact of what is already an intensely penetrative tune.

You can certainly tell that the video is of an elevated level of production, with a stimulating and incredibly thought-out use of atmospheric lighting and sequences of movement that maintain a heart-thumping pace throughout the clip. We wouldn’t expect anything less from Happy favourite Jamieson Kerr (who has recently worked on clips for Crocodylus, Rosa Maria, and Flight to Dubai).

Loveless is the perfect demonstration of just what Lola Scott can do when she has the means to express her ground-breakingly creative vision. It follows on from her last film clip Heaven Knows, an equally brilliant work of choreography and carefully considered sets and shots, co-directed by Lola Scott herself.

Following on from an impressive performance on the main stage at Newtown festival last weekend, the release of the film clip for Loveless proves Lola Scott is charging into 2020 with no sign of slowing.

Watch the new video above.