PREMIERE: Megafauna raid the veggie patch in their new video ‘Romance Left For Bread’

Sydney’s Megafauna return with a video for Romance Left for Bread; every bit as colourful and tongue-in-cheek as the track itself.

If you haven’t heard Megafauna jam to their poetry, sing in cozy harmonies, or rock the halls of the Marley, then you’re missing out. The Sydney-based 5-piece have been reframing the picture since their inception, offering messages of love, fun, equality, and inclusivity, as opposed to your standard pub-rock ‘no fucks given’ attitude.

These wonderful traits shine through in their creative output, especially on their most recent music video, Romance Left for Bread, a thoughtful exploration of those “intoxicating” early relationship days.

Photo: Bee Elton

Megafauna continue to diversify their discography with Romance Left for Bread, their most folky tune to date. Homey harmonies and deadpan timbres detail “a unique look at romance through the forgotten foods that the protagonist has left at home”, as described by the band.

Megafauna enlists vocals from Flowertruck frontman Charles Rushforth for additional lament over that poor, rotting food that’s been neglected for some monotonous lockdown spooning (we presume). “We talk about being in a house that neither of us could leave” comments lead singer Freyja.

The new music video takes this quirky perspective and runs with it the whole nine yards. Megafauna and Charles all dress up with only food from the kitchen on their backs. It’s pure avant-garde whimsy. Expect cherry tomato necklaces, rocket beards, and literal egg shakers.

These women continue to freshen up the Sydney music scene with a clear love for music and a clear love for each other. It’s always a treat to see what they dish up as entrees for their upcoming EP. If you want to join in on the magic, snag a ticket to an upcoming show below.

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