Melbourne MC Infinite premieres his new video for The Simple Life

PREMIERE: Melbourne MC Infinite brings us The Simple Life

As a kid you never had many worries in your day to to day life. Stress wasn’t even a word. You’d wake up, you’d go to school, you’d play Power Rangers and you’d eat. Pretty breezy right? Of course as we get older responsibilities begin to pile up and those carefree days of youth seem like a whisper of a dream. Working for the weekend becomes a reality, and the thought of kicking back with a few choice mates becomes the source of much needed respite. It’s a feeling we all share as we move into adulthood, and it’s one that is portrayed well in Infinite‘s video for The Simple Life.

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With Hoodwolf in the director’s chair Melbourne MC Infinite finds the beauty in the little things for The Simple Life cracker new video.

Chris Szczepny has been making rhymes in Melbourne as Infinite since 2009, but has been a fan of the genre since hearing Eminem‘s My Name Is and listening to Tupac records his sister had as a young kid. It was form these humble beginnings that Chris began to nurture his love for hip-hop and turn it into something for himself. As he says “My passion just grew from there, from just being a passionate listener and delving into the more underground stuff as well to getting into writing and recording my own music, in my earlier days i was a real shy kid and hip-hop definitely brought me out of my shell and since then I’ve never looked back. It really saved me“.

The Simple Life more or less lives up to its name. The track is dominated by a basic beat with Chris’ vocals dominating the song. Some atmospheric synths can be heard low in the mix, which nicely ties The Simple Life together and gives it that calm, composed feel. The vocal delivery is the same whilst the lyrics speak of the anxieties a young person has as they are faced the grind of the everyday and the fear of missing out living carefree days with their mates.

The video in turn brings these vibes to life and was directed by Chris’ friend Zack, who otherwise goes by the name Hoodwolf. The collaboration between the two shows off a good creative chemistry. It’s well directed, Hoodwolf capturing the energy of the track really well. The scenes of the boys bouncing around in the car juxtaposed to the spacey shots of them in the forest inspires the feeling of escape the everyday and take solace in the little things.

There isn’t much happening in the clip but that’s the point; it’s about exploring that precious time when you can remove yourself from the monotonous routines and be free. Says Chris on the video “We wanted calm locations that really bring the title of the track to life. Also working with a budget we had to just make do with what we have at our disposal, I wanted a lot of fast visuals and a trippy feel to the end product to suit the vibe of the track“.

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