PREMIERE: Mobilities showcase their brilliant versatility on Something’s Right

Mobilities have released their second EP, Something’s Right, and it’s is an impressive progression for the band. They’ve stepped out of the garage and into the studio whilst holding onto their grungy vibe, general alt-rock abandon and their charming knack for surprise.

The Portland four-piece coined the name Mobilities with the intention to experiment with an ever-changing flux of ideas, dynamics and genres. Drawing from different iterations of alternative, punk, post-punk, and indie rock, the EP is a progressive piece, mixed with a variety of flavours where each song stands separate as a testament to their eclectic palette, and their namesake.

On their new EP Something’s Right, Portland-based outfit Mobilities present a dynamic collection of tracks that showcase their brilliant versatility.

End Game opens the EP with a hard-hitting number, full of grunge guitars and heavy drums leaning to a metal-driven crescendo. Eric Mcauley’s vocals crawl along the verses with a deep timbre, before rising in the chaos of the chorus, loud with fuzzy guitars and kicking drums.

Then, suddenly, the slow alt-rock piece Satellite brings a tempo change, with slight indie-folk sensibilities and a skilfully rhythmic intro. The texture of the electric keys and the way Adam Durkee fills the spaces brings a smoother ambience, held tight by his artful timing that plays in conversation with the McCauley’s lead guitar and Brett Sparrey’s bass. Yet even with the surprising change of pace, the band don’t lose their grunge rock sound.

The Nothing Box is the quietest moment on the EP, a moment to sink low into layers of twangy electric guitars and smooth bass. Minimal percussion and faint ambient piano/synth wrap up the instrumental piece with a delicate taste; it’s another proof of the band’s varied sound.

To finish it off, the group change it up again with a boppy indie rock song. Son Of A Gun features a catchy melody line, popping guitar riffs and a fast-paced rock beat, as if after a thoughtful instrumental breath they’ve all jumped up into rehearsal garage and started rocking out together.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the new EP above.