PREMIERE: Make your soul dance with Mode Atlanta's new track

PREMIERE: Mode Atlanta will make your soul dance with new track Andy’s Wanderlust

If, under some bizarre set of circumstances, Mac Demarco, James Mercer, and Neil Finn ever embarked on an intergalactic odyssey with the goal of making music together, I assume the result would sound something like Mode Atlanta’s newest single Andy’s Wanderlust.

The track is a woozy, gloriously infectious slice of indie-pop that will infiltrate your soul and make that thing dance.

Brisbane three-piece Mode Atlanta’s latest offering Andy’s Wanderlust will possess your body, make it groove, and vanquish any bad vibes that exist within it.

The band, fronted by vocalist and guitarist Mitch Laney, wear their influences on their sleeve, drawing inspiration from The Beatles, You Am I, and The Church, among others.

Laney’s lyrical content is driven largely by his “satisfying but mildly restless quiet suburban life.” With backing from Ryan Morgan-Kleinman on drums and Keegan Huxley-Booth on bass, the Brisbane three-piece deliver a sound that is familiar, yet uniquely their own.

Andy’s Wanderlust is the band’s fourth single since their 2016 formation, following the equally infectious tracks They Love You, Garden Varieties, and I Don’t Miss Then.

All the band’s music has been recorded at Brisbane’s Empire Studios with engineer Konstantin Kersting (The Belligerents, Mallrat, Moses Gunn Collective).

Mode Atlanta’s debut EP The Vagabond is set to be recorded in March/April this year. In the meanwhile, do yourself a favour and listen to the new track above.