PREMIERE: Monday got you down? Soak yourself in the meditative, flowing sonics of Senivoda’s new single DROPZ

Creativity blossoms to the fullest when left to run free, and this is why so many bands gravitate towards psychedelia to scratch their itch for sonic exploration and artistic fulfilment. The heart of the genre is experimentation, and with each new generation of psych travellers, new realms of expression make themselves known.

It’s a spiel you may have heard before, but Melbourne’s psychedelic desert soul outfit Senivoda embodies this mentality to the fullest. They’ve shared with us their latest single DROPZ, a flowing, adventurous song that’s laced with natural influence, meditative teachings and an undying devotion to psychedelic culture.


Carefully considered and masterfully recorded, DROPZ from Senivoda boasts both the gentle flow of a mountain stream and the power of a thundering waterfall.

The birthplace of DROPZ was deep within the Blue Mountains, where the water dragons communicate over the never ending flow of the mountain’s rivers. Inspired by their conversations, Senivoda began working on the song.

With the addition of lyrics inspired by Zen Master Shunryu Suzuki’s teachings on consciousness, the band brought their idea to life in the form of an evolving, evocative six minute jam which you can listen to below:

Suzuki teaches us that your thought process follow the same path as water flowing from the top of a mountain to the bottom; breaking into countless individual droplets before eventually gathering together in the tributaries of your consciousness.

DROPZ follows the same path from verse to chorus, running from one to the other effortlessly, taking threads from what came before to enhance the gathering sonics of the song’s latter half.

Reggae sounds permeate the song’s rhythm, trippy off-beats interlaced with quieter breakdowns strutting their stuff beneath a more classically psychedelic, effects-drenched guitar that rips apart the mix with floating precision.

Lead singer Ola Milena’s vocals are as relaxing as a creek’s trickle over cold stone, calmly twisting around the instrumentation as needed.

DROPZ was recorded live, straight to tape in Belgrave forest near Melbourne, and everything about this tune evokes the calming yet unpredictable natural influence Senivoda preaches so passionately.