PREMIERE: Moviola’s physically transcendent rock tune ‘Expat’

Columbus’ legends, Moviola, deliver an earnestly grungy, electric tune and music video, Expat.

Quintet indie-rock group, Moviola, glide into their new wave of music, blending old-school grunge rock with DIY indie melodies.

The group; Jake Housh, Ted Hattemer, Scotty Tabachnick, Greg Bonnell and Jerry Dannemiller, have been rocking since 1993, rumbling the DIY-indie scene. Their new track, Expat, is simply a colour-bursting reverberation from their years of sonic boundary-pushing.


The track nestles in the textures of the greats, with a chorus speckling golden flecks of The Beatles and MC5‘s track; The American RuseMoviola rumble effortlessly in their seamless cohesion, a swirl that can only be moulded after 30 years of friendship. There is a certain beauty in Expat, with the groups’ irrefutable enjoyment, echoed in their joyful harmonic tones and retro radio vocals.


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The music video accompanying the track soars the rhythm to a new height, in an old-school, green screen loop of Moviola travelling around the world.

Expat serves as a literal tune, swirling in its directness as the lyrics ring; “Because I wanna be an expat/Wanna ditch this place/Leave without a trace”. The single also touches down on the Columbus groups’ outlook that simple ideals; like helping those who are less fortunate, have gone out the window and; “Homegrown stupidity has won the race” they sing.


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Moviola member Jerry explains; “While the USA isn’t alone in these problems, the song is a desire for a change of scenery; to go somewhere where rampant jingoism, gas-lighting and inequality doesn’t seem to be growing daily”. 

The group was created by Jake, on the soil of Ohio State University, with all five members graduating together. What came from this fortification is a crisp and grungy DIY sound that has been chiselled with experience and patience. Expat may be about leaving the country, but its nostalgia and authenticity makes you feel right at home.

Have a listen to Moviola’s single below: