PREMIERE: Need to cut loose? Flip out in a shed with Jack Millar and his debut single Mind Reader

You ever have that feeling that you just need to go beserk, head bang the night away and not give a fuck about the world while you’re at it? It’s a feeling Jack Millar is well acquainted with, as he’s hearty demonstrated in his debut clip Mind Reader.

The clip sees Millar and friend, Scruffy Wanganator, jumping around in Millar’s shed on a 40 degree day. Shot on one camera as well as filmed, directed and edited by the artist, this clip is DIY at its absolute peak.

So load up the track, clear some space and get ready to lose it.

jack millar mind reader single launch

Bluesy, grungey and altogether crazy, Jack Millar preaches the value of cutting it fucking loose in his debut single Mind Reader.

Around a year ago Millar locked himself in his shed, producing enough songs to throw together a debut LP. Mind Reader is the first taste of that monster session, a hard-rocking blues track that will rip you straight out of the 9-5 into a pure, red-blooded madness.

Sitting pretty at just over six minutes long, Mind Reader bears not only far more energy than your average debut single, but far more run time too.  Too often do bands machine-gun  their first run of singles, especially in the grunge/DIY scene which Millar will easily slot into.

Not that a short song is anything to cry about, but props need to be given to Millar for breaking the status quo here. Mind Reader has as many twists and turns as an extended psych rock jam, and the undying energy which ricochets the entire way through this track is first-rate.

With Mind Reader, Jack Millar has proven that he can keep his fiery sonics alive for as long as he pleases. If that doesn’t bode well for an upcoming LP, I don’t know what does.


Jack Millar will be officially launching Mind Reader on Thursday May 4 at the Oxford Art Factory Gallery Bar, Sydney. Grab all the details here.