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PREMIERE: King Coyote take on Day of the Dead in their dark new clip The Game

Out of Port Macquarie, hard rock group King Coyote present their music video for single The Game.

Swathed in black and white, The Game is a simple and provocative introduction to their sound. With low growling vocals and a dark, moody instrumentation, this is a single which is hard to ignore.

Drawing on visuals from Mexican holiday Day of the Dead, King Coyote keep their clip straightforward yet intriguing, an abandoned warehouse aesthetic providing the perfect backdrop for their attitude soaked visual accompaniment.

king coyote the game film clip happy mag premiere

King Coyote bring dark energy, a moody atmosphere and righteous rock ‘n’ roll to their latest music video The Game.

Of the track the boys have said “The Game is about the never-ending games people play with each other to gain one another’s attention and affection, it’s a love/hate relationship… nobody knows the outcome, but we all put ourselves out there anyways. That’s the game isn’t it?”

This clip is fun, creative and really captures the attitude King Coyote are trying to push forward, their gritty, unaltered Aussie punk ringing through loud and clear. Their Grinspoon influence and that down-to-earth energy shine time and time again throughout the track, a production to be proud of.

The song itself is loud and packed with furious energy, the guitars clear and filled with an enticing, rough undercurrent. They’ve performed at venues like Frankie’s Pizza By The Slice in recent months and if the footage of their shows are anything to go off, their upcoming NYE set should be an absolute riot.

Jumping on stage with Brisbane rockers Port Royal at the Port Macquarie venue Finnians, King Coyote will be bringing everyone into the New Year right. If that sounds like your jam, suss out the details on the Facebook event.


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December 6, 2017