PREMIERE: Olivia Foy turns up the warm and sunny vibes in new clip Kiss Me

Melbourne’s Olivia Foy may not be what immediately pops into your mind when you think of a country music artist. But she soon may be.

Foy’s unique take on country music is actively challenging the stereotypes of the genre, and redefining what it means to be a country artist in the modern music world.

On her new single Kiss Me, Foy flaunts her casual ability to write authentic and touching tunes that are full of catchy pop hooks and infectious melodies.

On her heartfelt new video for Kiss Me, Melbourne’s Olivia Foy deconstructs your pre-held beliefs of what a country music artist should be.

About young love, Kiss Me is the kind of song you imagine taking over the stereo at summer afternoon barbecues with its warm, sunny vibes.

Kiss Me is only Foy’s debut single… so when it comes to future prospects for the artist, the sky’s the limit. The song’s accompanying video is equally doused in good times, perfectly capturing the positive feel of the song.

Throughout its duration, we see visuals of Foy and her squad of friends living it up in the picturesque wilderness. It’s charming as all hell.

Definitely keep an eye out for Foy going forward and for now, watch the new video above.