PREMIERE: Rufflefeather’s new single Animus will smack you in the face… in the best way possible

I’ve come to learn that every song Rufflefeather releases is an epic, sprawling journey that will wholly engulf you with explosive guitars, spirited vocals, and unique song structures.

The four-piece have developed a talent for creating detailed soundscapes that weave through pounding psychedelia, delicate ambience, and straight up rock n’ roll.

Rufflefeather’s crunching new single Animus will hit you like a kick in the back of the head. I never thought such a thing could hurt so good.

On their new single Animus, Rufflefeather turn the guitars up a notch to deliver a memorable new single erupting with furious, hard-hitting riffs.

From the moment the track’s first crunching guitar line makes its way into your ear holes, it feels like a physical force smacking you right in the face. And I ain’t complaining.

The band have been gigging relentlessly around Sydney for a number of years now, playing some of the city’s best venues.

In that time, Rufflefeather have established themselves as one of the most exciting live bands currently making the rounds with their passionate live show.

If you want to catch the band play Animus live, make sure you head along to their single launch at Slyfox in Sydney on May 26th.

For now, do yourself a favour and listen to the new track above.