PREMIERE: Parnell March unveils his bizarrely wonderful new clip ‘Therapy’

Perth producer Parnell March has released his robotic synth tune, Therapy, accompanied by a satirical music video.

Dreamy electronica producer Parnell March has launched his most recent single Therapy, ahead of his upcoming album Ozone Parade. 

The track is a glistening robotic riff, saturated in a textured beat and accompanied with visuals that highlight the anxieties of the modern adult.

Parnell March

As the synth kicks off the cinematic rhythm of Therapy, the listener is immediately immersed in March’s electric soundscapes, plummeting into a galactic space. Extending a human hand to his off-world sound, the visuals feature a child attempting to undertake therapy as he is faced with the modern anxieties of an adult.

Whilst the visuals are blatantly bizarre with the whole ‘child going through therapy’ wormhole, there is something eerily concerning about the March’s message behind the track.


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“The video attempts to highlight modern day adult anxieties that are increasingly becoming issues for children”, he explains. “Whilst it is mainly playful, it also attempts to highlight that not one-size-fits-all and often therapy is about getting the right fit, as opposed to a quick fix.”

Rippling an adult’s world with the innocent lenses of youthful characters simply brings out the heavy nature behind Therapy. As the track intensifies with siren percussion, it pulsates like an echoed alarm of the truth behind the hyperbolised visuals. As the child pours his prescribed pills down the toilet, the shot flickers into a blurred adult as Therapy climaxes.

Parnell March, in all his lush and dreamy glory, is pushing the boundaries of electronic music is a confronting direction – and yet we cannot look away. March’s upcoming album, Ozone Parade, is available for pre-order on Bandcamp ahead of its early September release.

Until then, have a watch of Parnell March’s Therapy below:


Ozone Parade is out September 7th.