Jamieson conjures up groove after groove on burly single ‘More Space’

Sophomore single More Space from Jamieson is an inspired slice of funk-pop, with a huge chorus to belt.

Jamieson has been lending his talents across pubs and clubs in Sydney for some time now, learning the invaluable tricks to keep a listener interested and moving.

We see this knack for infectious hooks shine through in his songwriting, particularly on his latest effort, More Space. Ironically, a track written during the last lockdown.


The indie-pop track manages to sound both raw and electronic.

This warm listening experience can be partially credited to powerhouse producers Robby De Sa and Nick Zaharias, who added one of the tastiest bass riffs you’ll hear this year.

More Space opens with some percussive acoustic fingerpicking and an intriguing reflection. “I shoulda walked out the door, but I’m crazy so I stay”.

Moving at a rapid-fire pace, a chorus kicks in shortly after, introducing a wet bass and some off-kilter melodic flows from Jamieson that dance around the riff expertly.

It’s a definite highlight of the track.


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Jamieson’s gutsy vocals continue to hit all the high notes with gusto as an electric guitar slides in for a quick solo, adding more groove to an already immensely groovy track.

“More Space was written about treading that fine line in any relationship”, the artist comments. “It feels so natural to walk the tightrope, playing push and pull, when in reality, you can gain a lot of perspectives” by “removing yourself from the situation”.

Time after time, we could all do with a little more space.

Listen to More Space below: