PREMIERE: PEEL unleash a sci-fi, shoegaze face-melter with ‘DYNA’

Start your day with a trip to the stars and back, courtesy of PEEL. The second single from the crew of Sydney music mainstays only forecasts more face-melting sweetness to come.

Australia has a taste for hard-hitting, guitar-led psychedelia, and it can be tough to get a slice of the pie. How do PEEL cut through all that noise? Simple – make more noise.

The team of five from Sydney snagged plenty of frontal lobes with their debut single Memory Loop, and now they’re back with a second hit to prove there’s more limbs to this beast. Today Happy Mag premieres DYNA, enjoy your stay.

PEEL Dyna Charlie Hardy

DYNA takes notes from the worlds of shoegaze, with a dose of post-rock’s church-like reverence for breathtaking walls of sound. After a quick intro on the drums (with a pinch of filter sweeps), DYNA hits you with its full force.

The lyrics, written by drummer Tom Kell, tell us the tale of an intergalactic slave robot whose existence revolves around shepherding space travellers to different corners of the outer reaches. A noble role, it may seem, but not without a chain around DYNA’s neck.

“He tries to convince a new customer to travel out beyond surveillance lines, presumably to “delete” them and escape,” shared Kell. “It is unclear if DYNA succeeds.” 

The film clip capitalises on this piece of fuzzy sci-fi with a hyperscape of colour. It was directed by Mitch Noakes, with art direction from PEEL guitarist Harry Tuckwell, motion design by Mitch Viney, and VFX from FuzzWah. Noakes and FuzzWah are names you may remember – the pair also worked on PEEL’s debut clip Memory Loop.

DYNA marks the second taster in a collection of PEEL tracks recorded with producer James Christowski in Sydney’s BLANKSPACE Studio. The sky’s not even the limit for PEEL, these rockers are heading straight for the stratosphere.


DYNA is out everywhere on Thursday March 4th.

DYNA single launches

Friday 19 March – Factory Floor, Sydney – Tickets
Friday 9 April – La La La’s, Wollongong – Tickets