PREMIERE: Preachers, punksters and even philosophers, Mild Manic hit a perfect 10 on Hold On

If your adrenaline reserves are running a little low, strap yourselves in because Mild Manic have your cure; a five-minute vial of pop punk aggression named Hold On.

It’s the second single off their new EP Line and Length, due out… right fucking now!

mild manic hold on line and length tour

A single and EP release bottled into one tight pop punk package, Mild Manic are set to overdose their fans with their new track Hold On.

Since the release of Little Larger back in December ’16, Sam Rees (vocals/guitar), Chris Rees (guitar/vocals), Dave Boyes (bass/vocals) and Jye Flynn (smashing the drums) have been relatively quiet. Well, for a punk act.

Which is why they’re smacking you in the face with a whopper serving of their tunes today. You can listen to Hold On below.

The track is a rollercoaster for sure, but it’s hardly fit for kids. A singing guitar jam opens the song with beachy shrieks before the real muscle hits; a ragged wall of sound fit for punk’s greats.

This juxtaposition of the clean and filthy carries Hold On from start to finish, the verses serving as breathing room between more hardcore choruses (not to mention a bridge that’s ragged enough to cut through bone).

It’s harder to find a better description for the song than the band’s own name. Mild in it’s lowest points and manic at it’s peak, Hold On is an accomplishment of composition that will drag you through it’s heaving run length by the teeth and not let go.

Lyrically it follows suit, cutting laps between the angst of modern life and somehow making it work with a glass-half-full attitude. Preachers, punksters and even philosophers, Mild Manic are absolutely the full package with this ripper track.

What’s an EP launch without a set of dates beside it? Catch Mild Manic on their Line and Length tour, coming at you as early as this Friday.

Full dates below – head to the lads’ Facebook page for all the nitty gritty.

24th Feb – ‘Pre-Tour Launch’ at Woody’s Bar, Melbourne VIC
11th Mar – Bloodhound Bar, Brisbane QLD
12th Mar – Birdfest at The Workers, Melbourne VIC
18th Mar – Mansfield Hotel, Mansfield VIC
24th Mar – Lady Hampshire, Sydney NSW
25th Mar – The Lass, Newcastle NSW
26th Mar – North Gong Hotel, Wollongong NSW
1st Apr – Waterfront Hotel, Moruya NSW
7th Apr – Yah Yah’s, Melbourne VIC

Line and Length is out today.