PREMIERE: Had a bad day? Mild Manic have been there in their video for Say, here’s how to deal with it, punk style

Everyone’s been there. You’ve decided to have a few too many drinks on a school night and have woken up to the hammering noise of your alarm. Wait no, you slept through your alarm and that’s just your head. Sam Rees knows too well as his plays the lead in Mild Manic’s latest video for absolute belter of a song, Say. It’s time to wipe away last night’s fuzz, shower and find the least foul smelling jeans that you can scrape from the bedroom floor.


We all know what it’s like to have a shitty day; Mild Manic show us how to deal with it in true punk style with their raging new video for Say

Sam yells out the front door the first lines of Mild Manic’s new video and starts off the story of how waking up on the wrong side of the day can make you lose your mind. Starting off with a car that won’t start because petrol prices were way too high this week for a top up, Rees’ character begins the punishing skate to work.

All the while, fellow band and roommates, Chris Rees, Dave Boyes and Jye Flyn, switch between performing their frenzied, pop-punk head banger and all the fun three members of a four piece band can get up to when left home without their frontman. From indoor cricket with a skateboard as the stumps to kitchen bowling with the newly based Melbourne boys’ preferred tinnies, they continue to rage through the contagiously rock tune that is Say.

Mild Manic have been clawing the guts out of 2016 piece by piece. Having already supported Melbourne garage rock legends Magic Bones earlier this year and a second EP full of gnarly new anthems. And this, the recently dropped video for Say.

The video for Say doesn’t stop at bassist, Dave Boyes scoring a strike with a setup of beer cans. It jumps back to Sam, who has already missed a train while a standard public transport creeper invades his personal space, on what could be the shittiest day conceived into music video imagination.

Knocked off his skateboard, mugged and literally copping city-gull shit to the face, Sam howls out “I wanna go” and transports himself back home. Furiously playing alongside the Mild Manic crew with brother Chris Rees ripping out an epic guitar solo before all of them are wailing out the last chorus – and for Sam, the last bits of rage – to end in a mess of wild hair and exhaustion from all the head banging.

So the message here guys is, quit your corporate job, form a killer band and create some raging punk tunes instead. Say is a killing tune, with a hilarious video to match.

Forget about your own bad day by dancing it out at Mild Manic’s upcoming Collingwood Gig, check out more details here.