We can’t believe it either. Watch Radiohead perform ‘Creep’ live for the first time in seven years

No one hates Creep more than alt rock juggernauts, Radiohead, the song’s reluctant authors. It was released in 1993 as a part of the band’s debut LP Pablo Honey and shot them to the one-hit-wonder stardom that they had previously ridiculed.

RadioheadRadiohead have surprised us yet again by unearthing their reluctant 90s super hit, Creep for a crowd of lucky fans in Paris.

As a result of the band’s disenchantment with music caused by the two year tour that sprouted from the success of Creep, they vowed to shake off the creative constipation it caused and, for a number of years, refused to play the hit.

Much to the disdain for that wanker in the back of the audience shouting “Creep!” for the whole show, the band seemed to actually benefit from this move and have progressed to become one of the most revered and creatively diverse bands in the world.

At the end of the day, though, Creep is an anthem, a great song that many still love, so it was a dazzling surprise that the track made Radiohead’s setlist for the first time in seven years when they played the Paris leg of their 2016 tour in support of their critically acclaimed A Moon Shaped Pool.

Among other songs that the band unearthed as a benevolent gift to their loyal fans was their equally sad and beautiful hit, No Surprises. Take a look at some fan shot footage and revel in your 90’s nostalgia for a minute, you know you want to.

First seen at Rolling Stone