Japan is bringing pollution down to zero by creating their 2020 Olympic medals from recycled mobile phones

Japan is possibly one of the most interesting and engaging countries in the world, front runners in technology, social reform and health, it doesn’t really come as a huge surprise that Tokyo has come out with one of the coolest approaches to delivering the upcoming 2020 Olympic Games.

phone - japan recycles phones for medals

In an effort to promote sustainability and environmental awareness, the medals awarded at the next Olympic Games will be made from materials found in recycled mobile phones.

The City of Tokyo and  Olympic Games Committee have introduced the scheme to help promote community involvement in the upcoming Games and to foster a sense of inclusion, as well as putting their best foot forward as a conscious participant on the global environmental platform.

The organisation aims to collect 40kg of gold, 2920kg of silver and 2994kg of bronze…enough to make all 5000 medals for both the Olympics and Paralympics, all from old mobile phones and appliances!

From April, collection boxes will be installed in local offices, and the stores of partner telecoms firm NTT DoCoMo Inc, a partner with environmental firm Japan Environmental Sanitation Centre.

This is such an awesome blueprint for future Olympic Games and indeed all sporting events, it seems that Japan has pioneered a way of creating a cohesive community as well as helping the environment…the end result being a goddamn shiny medal!

Sick on Japan, let’s hope that 2024 Olympics delivers in the same way.