Dig up your Snake II high score: the invincible Nokia 3310 is coming back

What year is it? Nokia are relaunching their indestructible 3310 so dig up that old Snake II high score

Originally released way back in the year 2000, the Nokia 3310 was one of the most reliable and well-loved mobile phones in history.

Known for a killer suite of classic LED screen games and it’s ability to survive the fucking apocalypse without so much as a scratch, it was a staple of mobile phone evolution. Nokia today announced that the legacy of the 3310 has not come to an end, with a re-release of the classic handset coming your way in 2017.

nokia 3310 re-launch happy mag

One of the most classic handsets to ever hit the 2G network, the Nokia 3310’s re-launch has mobile phone lovers bouncing off the walls.

The new piece will cost less than $100, and thus is being marketed mainly as a second, backup phone to keep around if your iPhone screen breaks for the eighth time.

The 3310 reissue will come with four games (Snake II, Pairs II, Space Impact, and Bantumi), the ability to store a whopping 10 reminders in it’s calendar, a basic calculator and a motherfuckin’ clock. Welcome to the future.

Expect this to hit shelves later in 2017. Time to find out if your thumb still remembers how to text old-school.

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Via The Independent.