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PREMIERE: Samskara Radio’s new video is a candy-coloured acid trip

There is no other artist currently making the rounds quite like Samskara Radio. With the release of his recent Can’t Kill The Radio Versions/Remixes EP, were immediately introduced to his brilliantly idiosyncratic blend of electronic and psych.

Now, fresh off the release of that EP, he has unveiled a new video for Austin Leeds’ reworking of the track. Strap in, this thing is wild.

Samskara Radio has unveiled a psychedelic new video to accompany Austin Leeds’ remix of his latest tune Can’t Kill the Radio. This thing is complete madness.

Samskara Radio is anything but an ordinary artist. Now, as he attempts to push his creativity to its limits, he has released a video clip that will leave you questioning the foundations of your reality.

Can’t Kill The Radio originally started out as a synth-wave hybrid, and has since been tweaked and twisted into house, old school techno, and deep electro by various international producers. Austin Leeds’ (Avicii, Paul van Dyke) dance remix won the battle for the video treatment.

This particular version features hectic drums reminiscent of eurobeat, and stabby synths that push and pull your body is such a way that you’ve got no choice but to dance.

Simon’s expanding creativity is further evident in the new video, which is a candy-coloured rainbow punch to your eyeballs. Created by the founder of Cosmic Coffin, Frank Kruse, in collaboration with a Ukrainian graphic artist who goes by the name Happy.

Get ready for a colour beating and check out the video above.


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March 6, 2019

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