Mac Demarco becomes a lizard in his new clip Nobody

Must watch: Mac Demarco becomes a lizard in his new clip Nobody

Mac Demarco has announced a new album with accompanying single Nobody. His upcoming record Here Comes The Cowboy will be out May 10th on Mac’s Record Label.

Dressed as a villain from some Spider Man film with a splash of Texas, Mac has confirmed his freakish ways and once again left us pondering; is he a genius or a child?

Mac Demarco nobody here comes the cowboy
Photo: Brooke Tunbridge

Mac Demarco’s lonely new video Nobody highlights things to come on new album Here Comes The Cowboy.

Displaying his maturity as a songwriter, Mac’s reflective acoustic musings on Nobody explores the ‘creature’ on the television. He invites us to empathise with young stars, thrust into the limelight too soon and unable to keep their cool under the lens.

Mac adds a layer to this, playing the ‘creature’ himself, although we would conclude he is a writer settling into his fame rather than an aspiring upstart. Surprisingly deep for someone in a lizard costume.

Here Comes The Cowboy will be the debut release for Mac’s Record Label, and so far hints at the sophisticated reflection that made 2017’s This Old Dog such a success.

Funnily, Mitski released an album called Be The Cowboy in 2018 with a lead single titled Nobody. According to Mac this was a completely unknowing coincidence, as he had never heard it when his titles were decided. In a tweet, Mitski maturely responded, “I’m 100% sure Mac and I just went fishing in the same part of the collective unconscious! Anyway, thanks for the laugh Mac! Happy release!”

Pre-order Here Comes the Cowboy here.


01 Here Comes the Cowboy
02 Finally Alone
03 Little Dogs March
04 Preoccupied
06 Choo Choo
07 K
08 Heart to Heart
09 Hey Cowgirl
10 On the Square
11 All of Our Yesterdays
12 Skyless Moon
13 Baby Bye Bye