Mitski releases fresh Be The Cowboy merch, complete with ramen spoons

August 17 saw the release of Be The Cowboy, an emotionally turbulent, introspective catalogue of electronic and country-inspired angelicism.  The record follows 2014’s Bury Me at Makeout Creek and 2016’s Puberty 2. 

Mitski has announced a killer new range of Mitski merch following the release of her fifth album Be The Cowboy. 

Mitski tried to “keep it interesting” for fans, who can now eat ramen with Mitski’s “Feed the Cowboy” soup spoon, sleep with Mitski’s “Dream the Cowboy” pillowcase or keep their belongings safe with Mitski’s “Free the Cowboy” combination safety lock.

Mitski has also released a bunch of cool threads for fans of more traditional merch, with Be The Cowboy tote bags, sweaters and t-shirts.

As Mitski notes on Twitter, the spoon is currently sold out but they are planning on restocking. She also suggests, “Pair the spoon with the Japanese Breakfast chopsticks.” 

Take a look at the items below and purchase them at Mitski’s web store, but act fast because the padlock and spoon are only available in limited quantities.

Photo: instagram/mitskileaks


Via Pitchfork.