PREMIERE: Psychic Sun take an enticing step in a punchy new direction with Superburn

A swampy and meandering track, Psychic Sun have delivered the goods in gritty rock and howling vocals with Superburn.

The track begins slowly and builds through layer upon layer of deep thudding drums and a spattering of spacey synth before landing on a crystalline guitar solo that would make anyone weak.

psychic sun superburn

Steering clear of any convention, Psychic Sun’s unique and powerful sound is raised to critical new levels in Superburn.

Superburn has that dirty, hard quality that we have come to know from Psychic Sun, but there’s a subtle, mellow tendril running throughout, catching you somewhat off-guard. That dark and fuzzy hum wraps the whole track in a shroud of mysterious intensity.

Darting off into threads of classic rock and distinct psych, what this track gives is an eloquent conversation between distinct classic and contemporary influences. It’s raw, but not without delicate consideration of tone and composition.

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Touching on that far-off, mystic lyrical quality that their name so aptly professes, Psychic Sun have released a track that is both accessible and intriguing.

Fading off into a galactic fuzz wave at its conclusion, Superburn delivers in complexity, originality and gritty mystery. Their latest release reveals an act that is both polished and experimental, building on a psych rock foundation and warping it to enticing, personal levels.

With the track being released as a single, we can only hope that Psychic Sun has a record in the pipeline. With shows already lined up to showcase the new track, the wheels seem to be in motion.

These guys are hitting stages across NSW throughout August and it’s not a show to be missed. Dates below:

August 3 – Rad Bar, Wollongong
August 10 – Frankie’s Pizza
August 25 – Beaches Hotel, Thirroul