PREMIERE: Quarter life crisis? Ghost In The Machine and dark voodoo magic is Jingo’s answer

The mind is such a powerful tool and can either have a positive or damaging effect on an individual. Whether it’s from an internal burden or an outside influence, once a thought has crawled into your mind and has cemented itself there, it can take you on a pretty fucking life altering, thought provoking journey. The new video from Jingo for their single Ghost in the Machine is a colourful and stunning clip that leaves the hustle and bustle of the technological world, and takes a trip to the bare basics of nature.

Jingo premiere video

There’s nothing like voodoo sorcery to help break free of the material world. London’s Jingo get a little existential in their clip for Ghost In The Machine

Listening to the track without seeing the video, there are hints at what the song’s deeper meaning is. The line “You’ll find me faster if you close your eyes” hints that if you look a little deeper, into your mind or soul that you will find your true self. The video expands on this notion, through a visual journey of the inner workings of a man and his mind. It’s safe to say that we all have those moments where we get so fed up with the stress and pressure of life.

The video was inspired by director Jack Hextall, with this video his third collaboration with Jingo. He saw this storyline going in line with the ideas that influenced the single; of biology and the invisible, undetectable force of our soul that drives us as individuals.

Filmed in London and Epping Forest, the video starts with drummer Joe Reeves, who finds a woman in a dumpster and takes her back to the refuge of his home. The journey starts when the gypsy looking woman throws his television out of a window, and hypnotises the young man gaining control of his mind. As they venture outside into the woods, they face the elements of fire, water and wind, and are now back to pure, primal instincts. The band describes that one of the driving influences behind this video is that nature can be as dangerous as it is nurturing, just as our ideologies and morals can be in modern society.

They leave behind technology, the routine of everyday business life and all inhibitions that generally take hold of our mind in society. The haunting, soulful vocals and upbeat, indie / rock sounds perfectly compliment the vibe and feel of the video, and sort of give you the feeling of wanting to run outside and join the enlightened fellow.

As he sits in front a fire, the woman who has taken hold of his spirit now appears in the form of himself, where he is staring his old civilised self in the face. As his “new” self suggestively hands a knife to his “old” self, will he lead himself back to the day by day life of modern society, or will his subconscious and inner decision to ditch the society run by technology conquer?

This video for Ghost In The Machine is the perfect, abstract visual explanation that once free of the grip technology has on the majority of us and the mind is free, your body will follow. It is a beautiful trip back to the purity of nature, and a nice, much needed reminder to take a step back from the strong hold technology has on us.

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