PREMIERE: Revel in pain and happiness with Bobby from Sunhaus, a bittersweet ode to man’s best friend

The radiant indie rockers from Brisbane-based four piece Sunhaus have hit us with an amazing follow-up to their debut single. A touching tune called Bobby that explores the bittersweet moment of saying goodbye to a great friend.

Inspired by the loss of drummer Adela Lau’s dog, it’s the type of song where the melody and lyrics dance the fine line between foot-tappingly upbeat and utter melancholy. It opens up with some pretty poignant electric guitar, before quickly changing mood with the welcoming of some upbeat keyboard action.


Equal parts celebration and mourning, Bobby from Sunhaus is the optimistic, soaring goodbye to one of the greatest friends we’ll ever have.

The strong vocals of lead singer and guitarist Aidan Geraghty soar above the heavy percussion and subtle keys throughout the tune. His dynamic voice comfortably sets the pace and tone of the track, peaking and ebbing at different points throughout the five minute run time.

The dichotomy of depressive and joyous tones throughout the song culminate in a huge fanfare for the final minute of the track. Not sure whether to get up and dance or melt into bed and cry? This song will affect you however you let it.

Creating emotional confusion, pulling listeners between happy and heavyhearted could fast become the hallmark of a Sunhaus track, with both Realignment and Bobby seeing the outfit pop on a pair of rose coloured glasses over some seemingly sorrowful tones.

Since their debut single Realignment in April, Sunhaus have been working non-stop. They’ve scored gigs playing live shows across Brisbane and Canberra, and supporting the likes of Chase City, Lita and the Bones, Asha Jefferies and The Peeks.

Sunhaus will celebrate year two as a band with the release of their debut EP due out sometime in 2017. We think Bobby would be proud!