PREMIERE: Rich Uncle’s ‘Stain’

Four-piece indie rock swirl, Rich Uncle, release their latest single, Stain ahead of their sophomore EP release.

The delightfully vibrant and fruity Brisbane band, Rich Uncle, spill their golden riffs and dreamy lyrics in Stain. 

The latest single lingers like a vibrant bottle of wine, sprawled on the carpet in the liquid form of a cloud – something about the track sets deep within the fibres.

Rich Uncle
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Stain is a colourful blend of indie rock, melting in a dreamy sonic tune of electric guitars and drums. Rich Uncle infectiously fuze like swirled marble.

The quartet is made up of brothers George and Adam, and long time friend Liam. The gang found their chimes guitarist/producer, Billy, rummaging through an IGA skip bin – a valuable piece of treasure making up their rich and immersive sound.

Stain was inspired by vocalist George’s lingering wine stain and his internal battle in cleaning it.

Shining beauty in the anxieties of everyday tasks comes an unravelling tune that beams of rawness, harmonies and the vivid image of a “classic mattress-on-the-floor style bed, looking at a red wine stain”. 

“It actually sounds pretty good considering my fucking laptop blew up, lost all the songs and we had to re-mix from the start,” Billy recalls.


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Everything about Rich Uncle echoes a charging endurance into navigating the 20-something world. The group tips colour and energy into the world of loneliness and loops, slamming guitar riffs

Stain is just an inkling into what’s the come for the Brissy bunch. Their sophomore EP, ‘Deuteranomaly’, is set for release later this year.

Until then, we can learn some wisdom from our trusted Rich Uncle and let Stain linger as it rightfully deserves.

The track is officially released August 13.