PREMIERE: Sharkk Heartt unleashes an empowering folk-pop ballad, ‘Call Us What We Are’

On her latest single, Sharkk Heartt delivers a powerful commentary on misogyny and the patriarchal values that still plague our society.

Sharkk Heartt (a.k.a. Lara Ruggles) is writing songs that burn with empowerment. Since her debut, the Arizona-based songwriter has been proving that music is as much a tool for social change and development as it is an art form.

Her latest single is a catalyst of this artistic drive. Call Us What We Are speaks to anyone who has felt belittled or patronised by another person. It is a powerful and breathtaking release.

sharkk heartt

Call Us What We Are is an empowering anthem that speaks to everyone who has fallen victim to those clouded in power. Lara’s hypnotising vocals, coupled with an echoing bass line, makes for a silky soundscape that almost lulls you into a false sense of security. That’s until the song’s lyricism pierces straight through the mix, calling out each abuser and their crime.

Lara isn’t one to mince her words, and she certainly doesn’t hold anything back in this track. Not a single symbol or phrase is lost behind her curtain of sonic, nor is it distracted. The single is poetry printed upon gossamer sheets of folk-pop. It’s what Ruggles does best: pointing out the areas of our society that refuse to grow and enrich.


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“When guys call you ‘sweetheart’ like that, it’s like shorthand for ‘you don’t seem important enough for me to learn your name, and also I doubt you know as much as I do about the thing you do every fucking day because I’m a man and you’re a woman,’” the artist says. “I’ve worked so hard to be someone who should command so much respect. I fix my own car, I know how to work a soundboard, and I have gotten my band through when things fell completely apart on the road. Take a minute to learn my name.”

Dive into Sharkk Heartt’s biting commentary below: