PREMIERE: Ellie Irwin releases an acoustic-pop, coming-of-age gem

Youthful, spritely, and full of personal revelation, Jameson (Grow Up) is Ellie Irwin’s unapologetic teenage testimony.

Whilst the teenage experience can be full of cringe-worthy shyness and mistakes, it’s also a time of introspection and seemingly limitless possibilities. Singer-songwriter Ellie Irwin sits with this stance of innocence, wielding individuality as her weapon of choice. Her latest single stamps out pretentiousness and honours this delicate time of uncertainty.

Based in central Pennsylvania, Irwin’s acoustic preferences lend to their true power of summery sensibilities. Buoyant ukulele pairs effortlessly with her sugary vocals, just like the referenced duo of “tragedies and Jameson.” There’s so much to enjoy on this danceable tune that professes all the very best of what a folk-pop fusion can offer.

Ellie Irwin

Wise beyond her years and, yet, completely owning her own youthfulness, Ellie Irwin is a delight to listen to. Her pitch-perfect vocals on Jameson (Grow Up) are the girl next door popping strawberry flavoured bubblegum. And that’s the magic of her performance – you see none of the mechanics. Her self-awareness is acutely present at all times with none of the puppet strings in sight.

Having grown up on the country-pop anthems of James Taylor, Irwin combines that essence of folk storytelling with modern hooks. Demanding attention with toe-tapping strums and feminine harmonies, Jameson (Grow Up) is an ode to pool parties and the loneliness that ensues during a time great confusion. Irwin writes of rejecting this allure of reckless behaviour and dreaming bigger:


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“These songs have helped me reconnect with who I am, and they’ve also helped me realize I don’t need to depend on others for my self-worth. I’m the same person since writing them, but I’ve evolved. I hope my growing pains here can enlighten and comfort others.”

Ellie Irwin’s message defies the easy coming-of-age story of destructiveness and sings to place of self-love and confidence. Bleeding all the balmy brightness with these tropical vibes, Jameson (Grow Up) speaks more truth than any other pop hit.

Released on all platform from Jan 22nd, check out Ellie Irwin’s new single on Soundcloud below: