PREMIERE: Slow Culture’s new single ‘Pig’ is an aural collage of ethereality

Slow Culture have been busy in recent months crafting their debut EP for excited fans. After a string of shows premiering the first single Idle Motion from their self-titled EP, Slow Culture are back with their follow-up single, Pig. Reminiscent of Radiohead, Massive Attack and Bonobo, it’s sure to please.

Pig, Sydney four-piece Slow Culture’s second single from their upcoming debut EP, is an aural collage of ambience, ethereality and psychedelia, with a hint of jazz.

Pig was one of the first songs written by the band and underwent constant reworking before it made it onto their EP. Stirring and thought-provoking, reverb-soaked verses layered in samples settle into a laid-back groove before bursting into a hypnotic chorus, offering up ethereal vocal harmonies and a driving bass line.

Vocalist Jack O’Neale says of Pig“We were trying to piece together all these conflicting influences when I stumbled on the chords to what is now the chorus. I lost count of how many different verse ideas we tried before we landed on the right one. The final version was really pieced together in the studio. From its first inception, it really became a reference point for how we could incorporate our different influences into one song.”

Engineered by Richard Lake and mixed by Steve James, the song is as sonically textured as it is meticulously written. Perfectly balanced, it manages to remain delicate despite sporadic bouts of intensity. 

Comprised of Jack O’Neale (vocals/guitar), Ben Grover (drums), Leon Moore (guitar) and Payton Ellis (bass), Slow Culture are not afraid of treading new ground and their self-titled EP is sure to take them down a very rewarding path.

Pig is available today on streaming services. You can stream it below via Spotify.

Slow Culture’s self-titled EP out on September 21 via Firestarter Distribution.