PREMIERE: Softer than a pillow and warmer than a heated blanket, Plum gives your ears a big cuddle with Grey

Sydney based Plum is knocking out a strong start to his career as a producer. As the studio recording project of Caleb Jacobs from Julia Why?, Plum has been garnering massive support for each of his tunes to date, and Grey is one of the latest.

Priming your ears with a washed-out and nostalgic soundscape, Grey sees Plum take a poppier direction than with previous releases. Catchy, considered and echoey, it’s an addictive track framed around a massive synth presence, lazy vocal hooks and driving powerchords.

The clip sees Jacobs seated amongst the set of a photo shoot, bound by the hands while the enticing Anneke Rose dances around him. As she loses herself to the rhythm of Grey, Jacobs fights against his bonds, eventually breaking free and joining her in jubilation.

caleb jacobs plum grey

Plum has travelled to your happy place and returned with Grey, a washed-out synth fest that’s as warm as the afternoon sun and twice as relaxing.

Grey is laden with reverb, a drowned sound that’s warm, romantic and easygoing all at once. Like Bluejuice heard from underwater or a Little Red record after a delectable synth injection, Plum’s sound evokes a laid-back take on pop without compromising on the genre’s backbone of catchiness.

The clip was directed by DK Robinson and Dan Osborne, who also collaborated on Plum’s last clips Dead Leg and Tiny Feet. Here’s what Jacob had to say on the duo:

“My last clip for Dead Leg was pretty dark and abstract so I wanted Grey to be a bit more fun and bizarre. I was lucky enough to work with DK and Dan again. They’ve directed all my clips and always manage to come up with craziest ideas. They’re two of my favourite directors.”

It might seem uncomfortably sinister at first, but the video for Grey adopts it’s lighthearted soul quickly. Rose’s dancing is contagious, and in no time the clip reaches for the happy-go-lucky attitude brought out in the musicality and delivers in spades.

The kind of ear worm that lands on your brain with a vice grip, Grey will offer you no choice but to join in on the hazy celebration.

Grey is out now via Turktown records.