PREMIERE: Sick of your earthly binds? Fly to the stratosphere and beyond with Fever Land’s dreamy release 0101

Devin De Araujo is the one-man show and master of synth that makes up Fever Land, hailing from an otherworldly planet in the depths of another dimension called… Melbourne.

Fever Land is all about minimalism and the creation of dreamy, electronic pulsations that construct the perfect blend of psychedelic energy. With a string of albums already under De Araujo’s belt and a new one on the way, Another World and 0101 represent a two-track intermediate release sure to satisfy the hungry fans.

fever land 0101

Traverse the outer reaches of space, time and your own consciousness with Fever Land and their smooth-sailing third release 0101.

Another World is a tune that certainly lives up to it’s name, taking listeners on a journey to a different realm where a highly spacial experience awaits. The track introduces itself with a soft beat, slowly but surely building up a wrapt, anticipatory feeling of what’s to come.

It’s not long before the glittering, mesmerising guitar riffs swim alongside the beat, driving the song down a stream of easy listening tranquility. The vocals follow closely behind, entering with a shuttering echo of hypnotic lyricism.

As the song progresses so does a feeling of contentment, and we are transported ever deeper into Fever Land’s sonic dreamworld.

De Araujo is definitely one of a kind, however his vocals create some deja-vu to those of Pond’s Nick Allbrook blended with a slight Chet Faker inclination. Radiohead sounds like a very probable influence to Fever Land, De Araujo’s vocals and minimalistic musical components mirroring Thom Yorke’s trademark off-kilter beauty.

This can also be recognised through second track 0101 off the release, even simpler but no less ambient than Another World. 0101 sounds like two straightforward tab melodies, looped on top of one another with the smooth combination of some soft, harmonic vocals.

In the background plays a spell-binding guitar riff which becomes more dominant as the song progresses, tying together each element like an intricate spider web.

From what sounds like an album that was entirely produced in De Araujo’s bedroom, 0101 is highly recommended to anyone seeking an alternative sound to transcend their mind into orbit. Although we haven’t yet seen the announcement of any tour dates, Fever Land promises it can only get better over 2017.

0101 is available to stream and purchase from January 24 through Bandcamp, Spotify, AppleMusic, iTunes, Google Play and Pandora.