PREMIERE: Float along the flawless sounds of Spacecadet Lullabies’ new EP Gardens

I don’t think there’s anyone in Australian music right now making tunes quite like Melbourne’s Spacecadet Lullabies. His production is completely unique and completely captivating.

Each one of his songs is like its own small universe; a universe you can easily get lost within. Now today, we’re stoked to premiering his new EP Gardens.

Gardens, the unique and incredibly textured new EP from Melbourne producer Spacecadet Lullabies, is one of the most exciting listens we’ve come across this year.

The alias of Melbourne producer and guitarist Matt Lewin, Spacecadet Lullabies crafts incredibly well constructed electronic tracks that feel simultaneously vibrant and haunting.

On the new EP, Lewin navigates a hypnotic blend of found sounds, acoustic instrumentation, and electronic production to deliver a sound that belongs entirely to himself.

I called the release Gardens, as all the songs take place in some kind of imagined constructed form of nature,” Lewin says of the new EP.

Each song is some kind of a garden that is sonically sculpted or left to run wild. In each garden, someone is trying to connect to someone or something to search for some sort of solace or peace. I think everyone can relate to that search at one time or another.”

This new EP is the first new music we’ve heard from Spacecadet Lullabies since 2010… and here’s hoping we won’t have to wait long to hear more.

For now, do yourself a favour and listen to Gardens above.