PREMIERE: Sunny QLD gets sexed up with Whoa! and their new single Stay The Night

Well don’t we just wish it were a balmy evening? Out of Queensland this five piece is shaky pop rock at it’s best. Fans of The Lulu Raes will no doubt be on board, with sharp guitar and popped up drums Whoa! are here to knock your socks off.

And so we present, here for the first time, their latest single Stay The Night.

Having already played alongside Planet, The Vanns British India and Ball Park Music, to say that Whoa! aren’t headed for great things would be ridiculous.

Youthful in nature and mature in context, the boys have described Stay The Night as the sex music for your present and future lovers. And they aren’t far off! Sultry with a dash of cheeky drawl, Whoa! are providing the goods in attitude and in charisma with this release.

These guys are bringing raucous energy in spades, with punky vibes mixed coolly with surf rock undertones, you can be sure that Whoa! is putting the Gold Coast on the map for all the right reasons.

Having been playing up a storm all around their home state, the only question on our lips is when can we expect them in Sydney? Stick to the socials and you’ll no doubt hear.

Colourful, rowdy and with zero fucks given, Whoa! are the fresh new face of Aussie pop rock and Stay The Night is a testament to this. Pulsing with energy and some seriously catchy hooks thrown in, we promise that Queensland music delivers in spades with this one.