PREMIERE: The bees aren’t disappearing, they’re just buzzing for Jack Stirling’s Honey

Ohhh baby won’t you spread your honey on me?” If that isn’t a good Tinder line, then I don’t know what is. We’re all looking for some loving on the weekend, and if this line doesn’t work at the bar online then at least know it works for Jack Stirling in his latest single Honey. Smooth, funky and overflowing with sexy vibes, Stirling has delivered a video that nails those sensual feelings while taking you on a bit of a trip too.

Jack Stirling honey

A must have in your Spotify ‘sexy time’ playlist, Jack Stirling steps things up in the video for Honey, done with a cheeky DIY charm & trippy animation.

Stirling is a former Fremantle lad, it’s tempting to just end this article here with “And that’s why he’s so good because everyone knows the west coast is a gold mine for good musos“. But we’re professionals, so let’s elaborate. He’s since relocated to Melbourne, putting his skills as a multi-instrumentalist to work in his solo time as well as playing drums with Voltaire Twins.

Honey is a track that is steeped in groovy synths and a falsetto that will set your loins on fire. Forget Barry White, this is the man you want playing through your speakers when it comes to some midnight seduction. Or afternoon delight, we’re not ones to judge. Working full time producing his tracks, Stirling has set up shop in his own home studio Lunar Space Module. Firstly, that’s the best name for a studio and Bowie will be kicking himself when he finds out that name is taken.

Secondly, well, let’s have Stirling sum up the space in his own words; “Prophet of the one true religion of love, I lay my Lunar Mountain Pop at your table for all to feast upon. Offerings are for all with plenty left over. The fluorescent light and glittering sound is intoxicating, and so is the wine. So drink it up, dive on in – the water sure is warm.

Which brings us to the video for Honey. The clip starts out pretty simply, Jack is decked out in his best Luke Steele Halloween costume, complete with adorned christmas lights, and hits the streets rocking out to his track. Of course, things begin to get a little weird (in case the above statement didn’t tip you off). In what may well be the tripped out version of a reverse birth, Stirling enters a virtual reality world, populated by bright lights and the soothing sounds of Honey. Props to Sam Huff who did the animation, it is both beautiful and slightly creepy, which is very appropriate for the season. It’s weird but it’s pretty damn awesome, and we won’t blame you for wanting to re-watch after going “Whaaaaaa?” after the first viewing.

Jack Stirling will be touring with the incredible Anna O this November, so be sure to get down to a show.

Thursday 12 November – Jive Bar, Adelaide
Saturday 14 November – Amplifier, Perth
Sunday 15 November – Mojos, Fremantle
Friday 20 November – 170 Russell, Melbourne
Saturday 21 November – Westernport Hotel, San Remo