Voltaire Twins' Goodnight, Spirit gets the GRRL PAL awesome remix!

PREMIERE: Voltaire Twins Goodnight, Spirit gets the GRRL PAL treatment

Who doesn’t love a good old remix? Much like that rare, life altering cover song, a good remix is not just a way of finding a fun new angle on a song, it’s a way of giving it a completely new identity, a new purpose and a new experience. Just look at Tom Iansek’s rework of Art of Sleeping‘s Crazy; it’s the same song but with a completely different arrangement that would leave you thinking otherwise. That’s the power of a good remix, and it’s one we find on GRRL PAL‘s treatment of Goodnight, Spirit from Voltaire Twins.

GRRL PAL remix Voltiare Twins

Voltaire Twins’ Goodnight, Spirit gets the GRRL PAL remix treatment, and it’s awesome. It’s a fun mash-up of beats and synths that stands toe to toe with the original.

We’ll be honest, we’ve had somewhat of a love affair with Danny K and Jay LeKat this year, and for good reason too. Besides being a ridiculously fun pair to spend a Sunday arvo with, GRRL PAL are one of the most talented young acts to call Australia home. It makes sense, since they come from Perth, where it seems that every band from the city end up being amazing. It could be that there’s something in the water, or maybe because they’re not exposed to the cynicism of the East Coast. Who knows.

Regardless, the duo’s remix of Goodnight, Spirit makes total sense, with the band recently co-headlining a tour with Voltaire Twins. It may seem like an obvious pairing to some, with both bands sitting comfortably within the synth pop bubble. But rest assured, the GRRL PAL crew manage to show off their chops, giving the song a surprising new dimension.

The original track is a gorgeous one, characterised by dreamy, floating vocals and permeated by a rich synth driven beat. The lyrics are a call to toss aside your worries and embrace youth. On its own it’s a great piece of synth pop and stands as a reason why Voltaire Twins are one of the best players in the game. But the GRRL PAL remix is a totally different beast altogether.

The vocals trade in the bold yet dreamy presence and take on a whispering, ethereal quality. Typical of GRRL PAL, the synths and percussion are playful as hell, giving the song a real kick and an emboldened energy. No verse is the same, with a plethora of synth sounds and differing time signatures used to keep the track on its toes. It’s this quality that makes the remix truly shine. GRRL PAL have taken what is more or less a straight forward synth pop song, pulled apart all the pieces and reattached them, like a kid building something awesome from different Lego sets.

Volatire Twins’ debut album Milky Waves is due out in August, and if you’re keen to see GRRL PAL in the flesh be sure to catch them at Rare Finds #4 at the Standard Bowl Friday July 31.