PREMIERE: The Dollar Bill Murrays ponder existence itself in their new single The More You Know

From Australia’s rich musical vein Brisbane comes The Dollar Bill Murrays, a four piece, fuzzy garage rock who are already reminding fans of some of the biggest names in rock at the moment. Think Arctic Monkeys or The Black Keys.

The More You Know is the lead single off the band’s upcoming sophomore EP Always On, and the music video provides a good preview of what they discuss throughout the record. The video was put together by the band’s lead guitarist Antii Kovacs, who utilised the huge collection of clips available on the internet to piece together a film on the changing nature of communication through technological advancements.

The clip includes retro footage of NATO meetings, rockets taking off, test-driving a flying saucer and folk with gas masks on at a hair salon. Check it out above.

The More You Know by The Dollar Bill Murrays is a two-sided conversation, one end pondering their existence while the other finds new meaning.

“Lots of people feel this confusion as to what their existence is about… you’ve got to build a bridge over all the fake bullshit that exists in the world and look down from an aerial perspective” explains lead singer Felix Lindgren in regards to the track.

During the five-day recording session, each band member managed to pick up some sort of illness, which resulted in Lindgren only being able to record the vocals in the last few hours they had left in the studio.

Fortunately, the recovering vocal chords work nicely in their favour, sounding like Julian Casablancas from the early days of The Strokes. The guitar riffs and energised drum lines give the band a sound like that of Queens Of The Stone Age or Kingswood, which when combined with the vocals give a definite impression that this act would spin together a killer live show.

If you want a taste, the band are taking their second EP to the road after it’s release on Star Wars day (May the 4th). Catch The Dollar Bill Murrays at The Zoo in Brisbane on May 6 to hear the EP Always On live for the first time.

Find all the finer details on the Facebook event.