PREMIERE: The Duke Of Randwick shares immersive new EP Somewhere, Anywhere

The Duke Of Randwick has returned today with a new three-track EP titled Somewhere, Anywhere… and over the course of this thing’s punchy duration, you’ll be completely immersed by The Duke’s woozy and fuzzy sounds.

Somewhere, Anywhere is one of those rare gems you accidentally stumble across every blue moon… and we’re stoked to be giving it its first spin here today.

Prepare to lose yourself completely in Somewhere, Anywhere; the immersive and ethereal new EP from The Duke Of Randwick.

On the new EP, The Duke Of Randwick breezes through a unique melting pot of indie-pop, 90’s rock, and psych to craft a sound that is uniquely his own.

While this EP may clock in at under ten minutes, The Duke still manages to develop a fully-formed sound, with tracks that feel distinctly different, while adding to the EP’s overarching cohesive sound.

EP opener Nothing Or Everything sees the artist traverse through fuzzed-out guitar lines and sparse percussion to deliver an alt-rock track that’ll seep into your bones, while title-track Somewhere, Anywhere is the EP’s most ethereal track; leaving you with a bizarre feeling of weightlessness.

By the time the EP reaches its cathartic conclusion on Before, you’ll have been completely roped into the incredible music of The Duke Of Randwick.

Do yourself a favour and listen above.