PREMIERE: The Peppermint Club's debut album is a dose of nostalgic haze

PREMIERE: The Peppermint Club’s debut album is a heavy dose of hazy nostalgia

On their debut self-titled album, The Peppermint Club have managed to evoke a sense of hazy nostalgia for a place you’ve never been. Released today, the 14-track epic showcases atmospheric psychedelia with a neo-Beatles touch.

Formed in Perth by musician Chris Chen, The Peppermint Club have established themselves as a band as capable onstage as they are in the studio, despite only being relative newbies to the game. The band describe their sound as “pastel-hued pop”,  and we couldn’t think of anything more fitting.

the peppermint club

The Peppermint Club seem to have skipped the usual naivety of a first album, jumping straight to compositional maturity.

The Peppermint Club’s first single, Passing Through Your World, envelops listeners with dreamy, blasé vocals and wandering guitars reminiscent of 1960s Harrison hit.

All Together, On The Sun is the perfect opener, mesmerising listeners with luscious vocals and sonic ethereality. Another favourite is the dreamlike A Little More, the perfect song for fans of Real Estate, The Clientele and The Field Mice.

You can stream the whole album via Spotify below.

The band are launching their album on Saturday, September 22nd at The Norfolk Hotel in Fremantle, WA.

The Peppermint Club’s debut self-titled album is available today on all digital streaming platforms via Firestarter Distribution.