PREMIERE: The Laurels go bananas in their new clip Monkey On My Back

The kaleidoscopic, neo-psychedelic sound of the Laurels is back. Wrap your eyes and ears around Monkey On My Back, the first offering from the band’s upcoming third record.

After a short hiatus, the Laurels are back better than ever, taking their compelling songwriting to new heights. Their third album sees them fusing the characteristic sounds of their previous records to form an ultimate collusion of psychedelia, pop sensibilities, and a cheeky hip hop aesthetic.

the laurels monkey on my back

The Laurels have offered up their first taste of what’s to come with Monkey On My Back, a wacky DIY video with plenty of charm.

Monkey On My Back is the first treat taken from the upcoming record, and will only make you more keen for the main course. It’s fun, innovative and uniquely combines a wide variety of influences to create something truly their own. If you’re not familiar with the Laurels, think The Beatles meets old-school hip hop, James Brown and a touch of LSD.

The video captures the theme and sentiment of the song so perfectly, oozing personality and charisma. It feels very intimate and quite silly at once, inviting you to be the next band member and have a laugh with the group.

Frontman Luke shared:

The video was shot during rehearsal at Soundworks Studio in Marrickville. The combination of an old handheld camera, monkey mask and a case of beer made such high production values possible.”

“The results were bounced down to two VHS players which were fed into a video mixer and gradually mangled to give off the increasing “green out” effect (which certain band members have become a little too familiar with over the years).”

The official launch for Monkey On My Back takes place on April 5th at Marickville Bowlo in Sydney. Grab all the details right here.

Until then, wet your appetite with the new clip above.