PREMIERE: Pub rock takes a trip down south in The Slingers’ new track When You Know

Since their relatively recent formation in 2017, Melbourne five-piece The Slingers have been very busy boys.

Thankfully, the lads are maintaining this hard work ethic with the release of their incredibly charming, highly addictive new single When You Know.

the slingers when you know

With a distinctive, vintage southern style, The Slingers new track When You Know is a unique take on introspective rock n’ roll.

Having all grown up together, bonding over a shared fondness for Simon & Garfunkel and the Star Wars prequels (yeah I know, but just stick with me), The Slingers began to form their unique sound when they started jamming in a warehouse in industrial Port Melbourne.

The Slingers have since then developed a chemistry through their southern, Memphis-soul infused style of pub rock, which pours into the latest track.

When You Know begins with quite a delicate and almost exotic feel, but builds into layers of thumping and jangly guitars, drums, and vocals. The track was recorded in part at home, in part at Salt Studios with Alex Quayle (Slowly Slowly), who also mixed When You Know.

Made up of  rhythm guitar,  drums, bass, synths, keys, lead guitar and vocals, The Slingers are prepared to bring an entirely unique, twangy  roots-rock to the Aussie pub scene.

The band released their impressive debut EP Fake Fruit last year, which is definitely worth your time. For now, check out When You Know above.


If you want to catch The Slingers live, they’ll be playing a residency every Tuesday through March at the Gasometer Hotel, Collingwood.