PREMIERE: The Unset deliver post-rock reverence on their single 'Nice'

PREMIERE: The Unset deliver post-rock reverence on their new single ‘Nice’

This Friday, Adelaide’s The Unset are releasing the first tease of their upcoming second EP. It’s Nice in name but commanding with attention and heralding the time for change.

A brooding anthem of huge sonic waves that challenges the commercialism of contemporary rock, The Unset have delivered a salute to post-rock unpredictability and experimentation.

After winning an award for Best Song at the National Captured Australia competition, The Unset released their first EP Polymer in 2016. Since then they’ve been on the bill for several local festival line ups and supported a string of acts including Caligula Horse and Greenthief.

The trio which is comprised of Elian, Simon and Aaron have constructed an ode to the alternative and experimental sides of rock. Drawing away from the commercial, Nice begins as a gloomy-but-rising arrangement that has you in a state of anticipation. Noise pedals toy with dread-laden atmospheric looping whilst the cacophony of howling vocals and spit-fire drums predict the imminent change.

Just shy of five minutes, Nice reserves undulates with a quiet confidence until the last ninety seconds. It’s then that the slacken tempo lifts and a synapse is filled with a crescendo of fuzzed-out guitar and voluminous deep throated runs.

Nice laments that sinking feeling of having missed a moment to stand up to injustice and adversity by biting ones tongue. The band has said: “Nice is a call to arms. Nice only goes so far.”

“Being the quiet voice of reason is no longer an option when hate, fear, and bigotry is amplified and being given a bigger platform on both social, and traditional medias. In a world where misinformation and fear are spread to divide us, it is time to fight back.”

Recorded and mixed by Joseph Cheek, Nice is the first single preceding an upcoming second EP which is yet to be announced. In the meantime, if you find yourself in Adelaide this February 1st, check out The Unset live launch party at the Crown and Anchor. 100% of ticket sales will be donated to the Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary.

Listen to the new single above.