PREMIERE: The Vacationists betray a darker edge on their brooding new single Bush Turkey

Sydney five-piece The Vacationists, if you couldn’t glean it from their name, make music for your days off. Occupying the brighter end of indie rock’s immense spectrum, they’re a band to turn to when you’re in dire need of some sonic optimism.

By title alone, their new track Bush Turkey  would appear to follow a similar formula. However, while their previous releases have been nothing but rays of sunshine, this cut is a much more fitting to an inky sunset.

the vacationists bush turkey single premiere happy mag

Bold and brooding, The Vacationists have laid themselves bare with a bewitching new sound on their latest track Bush Turkey.

Creeping lyricism and an overall lower sound spectrum smother the song like a heavy overcoat, betraying the band’s usual cheer with something much darker.

But it’s not like The Vacationists can’t pull this off. Their lo-fi, keyboard heavy-tone is actually a fine fit for the moody, and while Bush Turkey  doesn’t sparkle like their usual work, this dusky new sound is utterly magnetic.

The repeated hook “I’ll eat you up, little buttercup” is weird in all the right ways, drenched in that alluring creepiness you find in a David Lynch flick. Between this line, the off-centre track title and the righteous, crescendo chorus, it’s a tough ask to figure out exactly where this song came from.

But whether it’s a stalker’s lamentation or a straight-up ballad for the kooky Australian bush turkey, we’re loving it.