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PREMIERE: The Velvet Club deliver a lush wall of sound on ‘Extended Play’

The Velvet Club create the kind of music you can completely lose yourself within. It was last year, with the release of their single Northern Beaches, that we were first introduced to their immersive indie-rock sounds. The group ooze out a captivating brand of music that feels simultaneously raw and textured—it holds a fuzzy garage authenticity, but stretches into new and exciting sonic territories.

Now, with the release of their debut EP Extended Play, The Melbourne outfit continue to broaden their musical palette, expanding their already-huge sound into something truly special. If you’re not already listening to this band, now’s the perfect time to change that.

Melbourne outfit The Velvet Club have delivered their debut EP Extended Play; a five-track collection of atmospheric indie-rock glory.

Throughout the new EP, The Velvet Club glide through an atmospheric blend of indie-rock, garage, and pop to deliver something uniquely their own. With an endless supply of infectious vocal hooks and rich, textured instrumentation, Extended Play is bursting at the seams with an epic brand of energy.

EP opener Vagabond eases you into the band’s expansive sound. Layers of guitars and pounding percussion build around raw vocal melodies, before exploding into a wall of atmospheric noise. Immediately, the far-reaching scope of the EP is established.

From here, the band navigate myriad directions. Holy Roller is laden with deep, psychedelic grooves and lush choruses, while Old Friend is a cathartic anthem—one that will leave you with an undeniable feeling of euphoria.

By the time the EP’s epic closing track If You Go reaches its final moments, you’ll be left completely spell-bound by The Velvet Club’s ocean of sounds.

This is the latest in a string of consistently great releases from this Melbourne band, and we can’t wait to hear what they deliver next. In the meantime, dive into their amazing debut EP above.


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December 6, 2019