PREMIERE: Want a Boyfriend? Forget Tinder! Sydney’s Hedge Fund are your perfect match

I’ll go right ahead and say it, Sydney’s Hedge Fund are one of the hardest rocking bands in the country. Please note that to ‘rock hard’ doesn’t mean power chords, pig grunts and double kicks. Rocking hard is an intent that propels music to new heights. It’s an energy that can give a song a ravenous life force. The band only have a handful of singles to their name but with their latest effort Boyfriend they prove to have a firm handle on post-punk steered by pop sentiments.

Hedge Fund Will Colvin

Want a Boyfriend? Sydney post-punks Hedge Fund are happy to fill that role. With charismatic vocals and energetic guitars you’ll definitely be swiping right.

The four-piece came together last year and released singles Outta Sight and Object of my Affection. Turning a corner in 2015 the boys upped the ante with Look Who’s Back, a more intense and focused song, and they’ve continued that trend with Boyfriend. It’s good to see Hedge Fund are pressing themselves with their songwriting, it’s often disheartening to see bands do the same old song and dance (mostly the song part). As always frontman Will Colvin is the centre of attention as his presence grabs you instantly. His energy is just like that of his live show; overflowing with charisma and adrenaline.

His lyrics make clever use of the term ‘boyfriend,’ applying it to a variety of situations and people outside of the romantic sphere. While Hedge Fund’s earlier efforts were a little boxed in in terms of lyrical themes we see Colvin settle into his role and able to stretch his creative wings.

Opening lines “Got a call from my doctor today / He said Boyfriend / I want you to be my boyfriend do you understand?” unsettle the notions of romance and relationships. We delve into the ideas of responsibility and maturity, the song a picture of a man at the point of metamorphosis; “Will all these people hold my hand / Make me say I understand / I wana be your boy but now I gotta be your man“.

The band are on point, the sound generated is as tight as a lid on a jam jar. The guitars take the lead. They’re edgy and rock plenty of attitude while the bass sits in the back pumping away like its nobody’s business. The drums do plenty of heavy lifting, giving the guitars plenty of space to play with their different parts. The lack of traditional song structure gives Boyfriend a distinct character and allows the band to keep up that relentless pace and boiling energy.

If you haven’t seen the band live be sure to head along to their next gig. You can usually find them at your favourite haunts in Sydney’s Inner West, and if you dig the bold direction they’re taking with Boyfriend you’ll be frothing in the front row.