PREMIERE: Watch David Liebe Hart consummate his marriage with a giant spider in Insect Woman

David Liebe Hart is a man known by many names and pursuits. If you’ve ever knocked back one firecracker too many, you’ll probably recognise him, or his harem of puppets, from the resulting Adult Swim binge you don’t remember going on.

Outside of his surreal work on Tim & Eric, David has an entire off-kilter discography to sift through, singing about anything which strikes his fancy – from religion and babes to aliens and trains.

So after preparing myself by watching his most eclectic, batshit work to date, I thought I would have an inkling of proper expectation for his new clip Insect Woman. Boy, was I wrong.

david liebe hart insect woman adult swim

Your most deranged acid dreams are nothing against the psychoactive fantasies of David Liebe Hart, who’s latest trip has him falling in love with a 8-legged Insect Woman.

Insect Woman follows a premise that’s simple enough: boy moves town, boy meets girl, boy marries girl, marriage is consummated. We’ve seen it before, and plenty of times.

Liebe Hart’s rambunctious twist on the trope is sickeningly funny; the ‘town’ is another planet he reaches by UFO, the ‘girl’ is an 8-legged, person-sized tarantula dressed like a go-go dancer and when they bed one another “it’s like getting bit by bed bugs”.

Not to mention, throughout the entire clip he’s accompanied by his usual trove of three-foot tall puppets.

The music sits robustly somewhere between a retro video game soundtrack and what a child would cook up given a mountain of percussion toys. Bouncy synths, wobbly beats and Liebe Hart’s warbling tone convulse to create something magnetic yet unsettling. But to be honest, that’s pretty much his niche.

A fantastic, weird, and addictive niche.


David Liebe Hart is on tour in Australia right now, hitting about a million venues with his music comedy and general David-ness. See the full run of dates, and grab your tickets, on David’s website.