The rarest synth in the world? Restoration has begun on an EMS Synthi 100, 1 of the 6 left in existence

Best known for the creation of spacey Doctor Who sound effects in the 70s and 80s, the EMS Synthi 100 is possibly one of the rarest and most sought after synths ever created.

Thanks to a project funded by the UK National Lottery, 1 of the 6 remaining Synthi 100s on the planet is in the process of being fully restored, with the aim of making this uncommon machine available for public use.

ems synthi 100 melbourne university ghent

Want to get your paws on the knobs, bits and bobs of a genuine EMS Synthi 100? Thanks to an ongoing restoration of the classic synth, you’ll soon be able to.

This tip-off came from a Reddit thread, the poster being one of the technicians working on the Synthi’s restoration. There actually seems to be some misinformation surrounding these synths, which isn’t unexpected considering their rarity, so take the specifics with a grain of salt.

It claims to be (when the restoration is complete) the only fully-functioning model on the planet, but that may not be true. Melbourne University (see video below) has a mint condition Synthi 100, which looks to be pretty damn functional. Maybe this model will be only one with it’s original modules?

Aphex Twin and Ghent University reportedly also own their own machines.

Check out more photos of the Synthi 100 below, and head to the Imgur album to read the technician’s comments.