PREMIERE: Wish you were on Venice Beach? Teleport straight to the golden sands with Abbott Kinney from Jake Bosci

Can’t afford a ticket to LA this summer to revel with the Californians on Venice Beach? Not to worry. Jake Bosci’s newest tune Abbott Kinney will transport you to the world of rolling waves and orange-tinted breezes.

The Australian singer and songwriter has teamed up with Sydney producer Jean-Paul Fung (Silverchair, Last Dinosaurs) to deliver a crisp, undeniably catchy tune of synthetic sincerity.

jake bosci abbott kinney

Sincere and soft but danceable nonetheless, Jake Bosci hits every note right on his sophomore single Abbott Kinney.

Jake had struggled to find the inspiration to create new music, declaring on social media last year that he’d been recording songs but not releasing them because he’d been too worried of what people would think, or that he wasn’t “personally as proud of them” as he should be.

By coming home to Australia he has finally found the missing link, and is excited to deliver new music to his starved fan base.

Abbott Kinney, named after Venice Beach’s local boulevard, bursts with nostalgia for scorching, summer days next to the ocean in LA. Bosci spent close to four years living in North America, and his familiarity with the city is undeniable.

He speaks of a slowly, sinking sunset with “pink clouds burning” and a breeze that “feels sunburned but subtle”, the perfect backdrop for this sweltering tune.

The song instantaneously transports the listener to an open space through the whispering sound of a breeze layered behind a light, electronic melody. A simple, multi-toned hook initiates the build, layered against tender guitar strings making for something endlessly playable.

Lyrically the song is truthful and unpretentious, delivering a heartfelt story torn between reminiscence and reality. The song highlights Bosci’s realisation that his life wasn’t turning out as expected in LA, and bluntly pinpoints his decision to move back across the pond.

Vocally, Bosci ties in beautifully to the narrative derived from his guitar melodies and playful synths.

The song is a honest but danceable hit. Jake’s refined, carefully repetitious narrative is a love story that, like the song, you wish wont end.