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PREMIERE: Woeful about your bank balance? See the glass half-full with Lizzy, the new single from Drop Legs

Drop Legs make songs for days filled with $2 ice blocks, pool soaked hair and minimal clothing. So, it should be no surprise that their latest release Lizzy is the perfect soundtrack to an afternoon just like that.

Hailing from Byron, the reggae/hip-hop outfit certainly let the loose, laid back vibes of their hometown echo throughout their music. Drawing influence from the likes of Blue King Brown and Koi Child, they enable their eclectic sound to unashamedly show on Lizzy, hitting hard with a chorus evocative of Thundamentals’ sunniest and airiest hits.

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Crack open the tinnies, zooper doopers and broad brims: Drop Legs’ new single Lizzy is a sweltering summer jam for the ages.

The song is a clever and relatable play on words, the band using ‘Lizzy’ as a term for money. Lyrics like “Lizzy, you know I just cannot save you” detail the familiar struggle too many young people are faced with today.

The track is a real grower, so much that you find your mood gradually matching its exuberant spark after a few listens.

Over their short time as a band, the six-piece have taken the stage with Australian favourites like Boo Seeka, The Bennies and Ocean Alley, not being afraid to let those bands’ spirit and energy rub off on them. Lizzy is a cohesive genre fusion that occasionally risks becoming as sickly sweet as that $2 ice block, but redeems itself with an infectious swing and sharp, charming lyrics.

If you’re missing the sounds of Sticky Fingers currently due to their hiatus, don’t be shy to give Drop Legs’ new song all of your attention.


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March 8, 2017